Concept: We are a mixed-use space on Bristol’s beautiful Harbour Inlet where people can enjoy doing exercise, eating nutritious food, relax and have fun.

Our Mission: To create a culture that encourages wellbeing, socialising and fun.

Our Aim: To provide group cycling classes, a running club, healthy food and drinks along with a space to socialise and relax for all.

Into fitness? We have group cycling classes and a running club.

Hungry? We have a range of delicious nutritious food.

Thirsty? We have a range of juices, teas, coffees, soft drinks and a license to sell alcohol.


An inspiring place to exercise with a central location. We believe in quality over quantity and with 15 bikes you get quality instructor time to ensure the bike is set up correctly for you and to help you get the workout you want to achieve your goals.

  • BEST Classes for mixed abilities
  • BEST Harbourside location
  • BEST Instructors
  • BEST Workout